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Please sign up to become a member to be able to use the virtual gallery, and free marketing, self help books.  members.  Gold Membership, will allow you access to the virtual gallery and Gold Products. The forums are now free again. I am sorry to say the forum has become very slow lately, so I decided I would open it for free again, as I would rather have it be free than see it die completely. Facebook seems to be taking over everyone’s lives and seems people have little time left for forums. ugh But I am here and so are some of the members who love the site.

You have two choices for payment plan, Monthly 2.00 per month recurring subscription, or Yearly 20.00 recurring subscription.  The buttons on the payment page are paypal buttons.  If you don’t have a paypal account and cannot get one because you don’t have a credit card or whatever please contact me personally.  I will figure something out.

I love my members and ODA has always been a we site not my site.  It is the members who make OOAKDollArt the wonderful supportive place that it is.  I am just a part of it and proud to be the owner of a place so many talented people choose to call their second home. 

Please click here: to see how our members feel about new people and the membership, in general.

 I am hoping to come up with a way for us to have some online parties too. :>)  That will be a challenge as we have artists from all over the world and many of them speak different languages.  So not sure how I will be able to pull that one off or if I will be able to but it is a thought. LOL

Please check out what our memberships offer:   Click here Now to see what you get!

To sign up look to your right on this page in the purple area under the Pages, it has ODA Memberships. For the Gold Membership click on the Gold Sign up.  There you will find the paypal buttons to choose either monthly or yearly.  Each page has a discription of what you receive with the membership. If you just want to use the forums and don’t want to support the site, you do not need to sign up for a membership but you will need to register for the forum. All old members do not need to re-register for the forum as your accounts will still be there. If you wish to cancel membership and are unable to, or if you signed up since 2012 and would like a refund as I have now made the forums free please contact me by pm in the forum. :>)

Hugs Tenderspirit

11 Responses to “Home”

  1. Marisa Stein says:

    I would like to sign up, if you get me an address I can mail you a check I am not computer literate and I do not know how to use paypal, actually I am afraid of doing that but since I am 52 you’re lucky Im on the computer at all. I didn’t know I had to pay and Im sorry for being a bother

    I wont be home tomorrow my sister in law is moving and we have to help her settle into her new place (she is leaving behind a lot of memories, she couldn’t afford such a big house anyway after her husband died *he was her second and he was a very nice man who we all loved dearly* so she is moving into a nice condo, just her and her pets) sorry to go off track

    I am at work today so I wont be home until 6 tonight which is central time if you have to call me, I can put the check in the mail today if I get the address I will check and see if its on the website

    I really want to be here and I’m sorry I didn’t pay before today

    thanks alot and I hope I get to stay here

    Marisa Stein

  2. I have admired your work form afar !!!! I have always believed in Faries…..& now look they are everywhere !!!!!!

    I had purchased a wing making kit around 2005…have a Fairy Good idea…..I want to learn the Art of making wings !!!!!

    What an amazing Journey !!!! Keep up the Faireywonderous work ….Yours Truley, Cathy

  3. Gerda says:

    I was member of this site,please help me for renew my memberschip
    Thanks Gerda

  4. Linny says:

    Hi Elsie!
    i got your message about membership…i wasn’t quite sure when it was going to take affect….i could pay in July if that is ok, and i will probably for for the yearly membership of $20.00

    let me know if this is all ok, i definitely still want to be part of the group although i still am a little shy of it all

    thanks so much

    love linny xxx

  5. corrie says:

    hello everyone my name is Corrie Van Gossum and i am a Belgian doll artist , i hope to meet many friends here

  6. Karen says:

    How do I pay for my membership?? I can not find a place to pay on site with paypal.

    • admin says:

      Karen: over on the right in the purple area is a catagory that says ODA Memberships: under it is all the pages for the different memberships available and the paypal buttons for each. If you need to send a check or money order please email me at admin @ ooakdollart.com but leave out all the spaces. I don’t want any email robots getting my email and spamming me that is why I put in the spaces and I hope none of you will put your email on this blog in your post, and please never put your paypal email address on a blog as that will allow the big spammers to send you fack emails from paypal and if you actually click on their link to login they steal your login information. So please don’t do that and please never click on a link in a paypal email just go to your address bar and type it in yourself and never add anything after the http://www.paypal.com/ then go to your account and see if you have any messages.
      Hugs, just trying to keep you all safe. I will have some things on your free product page about internet safety too. Being well informed keeps us safe.

      Hugs Tenderspirit

  7. admin says:

    Dear Karen: I am sorry I did not even see these comments. This blog is a bit different than my others and the system does not notify me when someone comments. So now that I know I will keep my eye out for them.

    Over on the right hand side of this page in the purple area is a link that says ODA Memberships, under it is all the signup pages. If you just want the Gold membership, click on the Gold Sign Up link. It will take you to the signup page with two options, Gold Monthly or Gold Yearly. The Gold Yearly is the best deal as you end up only paying for 10 months instead of 12. Thank you for your interest in our membership. Hope to get to know you better.
    Big Hugs Tenderspirit

  8. admin says:

    Dear Karen: I sent you an email yesterday, but it appears you are not getting them, I asked Julie to forward it to you as I just don’t know what to do. I am thinking they are going into your spam folder. I answer every email I get just as soon as I see it to make sure I don’t forget. ugh

    Please don’t feel that I am ignoring your requests. I never ignore anyone. I hope you get at least the one from Julie. Then please check your spam folder as I have sent many.
    Hugs Tenderspirit

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