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Please sign up to become a member to be able to use the virtual gallery, and free marketing, self help books.  members.  Gold Membership, will allow you access to the virtual gallery and Gold Products. The forums are now free again. I am sorry to say the forum has become very slow lately, so I decided I would open it for free again, as I would rather have it be free than see it die completely. Facebook seems to be taking over everyone’s lives and seems people have little time left for forums. ugh But I am here and so are some of the members who love the site.

You have two choices for payment plan, Monthly 2.00 per month recurring subscription, or Yearly 20.00 recurring subscription.  The buttons on the payment page are paypal buttons.  If you don’t have a paypal account and cannot get one because you don’t have a credit card or whatever please contact me personally.  I will figure something out.

I love my members and ODA has always been a we site not my site.  It is the members who make OOAKDollArt the wonderful supportive place that it is.  I am just a part of it and proud to be the owner of a place so many talented people choose to call their second home. 

Please click here: to see how our members feel about new people and the membership, in general.

 I am hoping to come up with a way for us to have some online parties too. :>)  That will be a challenge as we have artists from all over the world and many of them speak different languages.  So not sure how I will be able to pull that one off or if I will be able to but it is a thought. LOL

Please check out what our memberships offer:   Click here Now to see what you get!

To sign up look to your right on this page in the purple area under the Pages, it has ODA Memberships. For the Gold Membership click on the Gold Sign up.  There you will find the paypal buttons to choose either monthly or yearly.  Each page has a discription of what you receive with the membership. If you just want to use the forums and don’t want to support the site, you do not need to sign up for a membership but you will need to register for the forum. All old members do not need to re-register for the forum as your accounts will still be there. If you wish to cancel membership and are unable to, or if you signed up since 2012 and would like a refund as I have now made the forums free please contact me by pm in the forum. :>)

Hugs Tenderspirit

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