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Gold Membership

Gold Monthly: $2.00 per month
Gold Yearly: $20.00 per year (this is the best deal)

Gold Monthly and Yearly membership:

•Forums are now free, you do not need to pay for membership to just join the forum and view the two arcive forums. If you wish to help support the site it will be greatly appreciated but you do not have to, to use the forums.

•Unlimited use of our Virtual Gallery. The virtual gallery has over 6000 inspirational pictures. It has approx 150-200 virtual moveable 3D PDF’s that you can resize and print from any view, they will rotate 360 degrees in any direction. (We welcome the suggestion of new poses) Currently there are poses of Babies, Children, Females, Males, and Elves. They are great for painters and pencil artists as you can resize them tiny and print them out to get the exact dimensions from shoulder to elbow, to what ever bend you want, hand size, feet size, where to locate their knees, whatever, it is a great tool to gage your work. Sculptors use them to lay their armatures on and get the correct anatomy details.

•The cost for this membership is 2.00 monthly or 20.00 for an entire year (best deal).

Please email me at admin@ooakdollart.com if you do not get your login information within 24 hours.


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