Gold Monthly and Gold Yearly Membership Sign up page

Gold Membership includes: Depending on which option you have choosen paypal will automatically take the funds either every 30 days or once a year.

  • Free access to the 3 forums (this is now free, you do not have to become a paid member to join the forum or view the archives.)
  • Free access to the virtual gallery
  • Free Ebooks, Audio, Video etc. on the Gold Member Products Page


Please NOTE: The username and password the system sends you, you will only use to get into your membership area at Http:// Once you log into the membership there is a page link called Log in Information. Click on that link. There are links for the three forums, the virtual gallery, and the free products page. It also gives you the username and password to use when the log in pop up come up. Do not use the membership log in as it does not work for the pop up. Use the one given to you on the Log in Information Page. Once you put your username and password click the box that says remember my password, and you will not have to put it again. You have to do this one time for each of the sections, forum, archive1, archive2, virtual gallery, and product page. If you just want to visit the virtual gallery then you just have to enter it once for the virtual gallery.

If you are brand new, you will have to register for the forum with a username and password of your choice. That will always stay the same. If you have all ready been in the forum you just use your old username and password to get into the forum.
Please be sure to check your spam folder for my email if you do not get it as the system always sends a thank you for purchaseing and it has your login information for the membership.

Hope this makes sense. LOL Hugs You will be charged .01 cents as that is the only way the system will send you your login information.


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Subscribe to Gold Monthly Membership by clicking the PayPal Button Below $2.00 a Month recurring


Subscribe to Gold Yearly Membership by clicking the PayPal Button Below $20.00 a Year recurring payment:

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